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Bonus tip #11: Use a relevant graphic to paraphrase one of the other tips.

10 amazing tips for padding your productivity lists

Everybody out there has lists of hints that will make you more productive. Your list has only 3 or 4 good, solid points. Here’s how to stretch that list and make a more attractive headline.

  1. Make a couple of them up. People reading blogs aren’t going to bother verifying your tips if they’re interspersed with some they know to be true.
  2. Be repetitive, but restate. You can sneak at least two or three identical entries in if you word them carefully.
  3. Sprinkle in some buzzwords. Synteractive. There, I just gave you a new one.
  4. Start early. Who can argue with a platitude like that? Everybody knows it, but if you’re going to pad a list, start stating the obvious.
  5. State the obvious. See #2.
  6. Recap if necessary. Sometimes people just skim these lists, so you need to hit them with the best stuff a few times.
  7. Don’t hold back. Another case of dicere obviosa.
  8. Use a relevant graphic. Refer to it, as seen here with the specialized “productivity” key.
  9. Make a pun. The “key” to productivity. Like in the graphic. Get it?
  10. Finish strong. Make the readers feel that they’ve achieved something by reading your distended ramblings. They likely won’t take anything away except a warm glow for having participated actively in their own improvement. Kudos to you!

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