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4 Easy Steps for Confronting a Mountain Lion

LOS ANGELES, CA – City streets are dangerous enough as it is, without having to defend yourself against a wild mountain lion. If you should encounter one, remember these four handy tips:

  1. Moonwalk away slowly.
  2. Throw ya hands in the air like ya just don’t care.
  3. Offer a small child.
  4. If attacked, talk some smack.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Our legal department stringently advises us that one should not actually offer a small child, or anyone for that matter, to a mountain lion. In any case, if you are ever accosted by a mountain lion and have video of yourself moonwalking or smack-talking out of the situation, please contact us immediately.

One Comment

  1. Gary Piserchio Gary Piserchio July 4, 2008

    Dude, take the graphics off the sign and they’re a “natural” for a t-shirt. And by natural I mean an abomination to nature. But still a funny t-shirt.

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