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"This option is great because you don't have to wait for your luggage. It might be crushed, but you can leave as soon as you find it in the field."

Airline offers discount service to flyover cities

DES MOINES – In a bold move to combat ever-rising fuel prices, one airline has introduced a novel way to serve smaller cities without landing.

“We just drop them and their luggage out the back,” said Carl Perminger, spokesperson for PlummetAir, a new low-cost airline.

“Specially modified roller coaster seats roll to the rear ramp of the surplus military transport plane, then gravity and a parachute do the rest.”

PlummetAir projects to save over 30% of operating costs in the next two years, since the plane doesn’t have to land or take off at the smaller airports.

“Business travelers love it. If they time their jump right, they can bypass the airport altogether.”

Lost and submerged luggage has been a problem, but one that the airline hopes to correct with continued practice.

Perminger would not comment on reports that the airline is considering a similar plan to pick up passengers with a proprietary “hook and loop” method. Critics raise concerns that a sudden acceleration from a standstill to over 200 mph could cause a wide range of injuries.

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