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Aliens learn to camouflage their ships as lens flares

MUNCIE, IN – Extraterrestrials traveling to Earth have refined methods to evade detection, including one that allows them to hide in plain sight: appearing to be a mere lens flare.

Photographers who spot UFOs and attempt to capture images of them have been frustrated by this new technique.

“It sucks, what can I tell you?” said Jeff Neary, an avid ufologist and amateur photographer. “You stake out these locations brimming with alien activity, and set up your camera. You see the UFO, you get the shot, and look what shows up.”

Neary indicated a series of blurry photos that he claims are of alien spacecraft in flight.

“They cloak their ships to look like lens flares,” said Neary. “Experts look at the picture and dismiss it. It really hurts our credibility as UFO hunters.”

Neary subsidizes his UFO hunting with a service he provides photographing orbs for owners of haunted homes. Orbs are spirits of dead people that make themselves appear as easily dismissed motes of dust in photographs.

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