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All the cultural references seemed off somehow

Amusement Turns To Rage As Listener Discovers Radio Show Is Rerun

WEST END, MA – Cody Hobson took a journey from exhilaration through bewilderment to anger as he drove home listening to public radio show “Oh, Hey, I Know That!” as it slowly dawned on him that the show was not live but a previously recorded show.

“They got to the part where they invite people to call in, and there was a question about co-stars,” said Hobson. “The clues were Jeff Goldblum, Debra Winger, and Donna Summer. I knew the answer, so I pulled over right away to call it in for the prize.”

Wishamashugabak Theater in St. Paul, MN hosts the show, but not today.

Hobson was prepared to reply that the three had appeared in the 1978 film Thank God It’s Friday, and he hastily called the number for the show. He then reached a recording from the show’s announcer that the line was subject to high call volume, but not to be discouraged.

“I was getting ready to call back, and just before I did they took a call from another listener who had the right answer,” said Hobson. “It was like, ‘Yeah, okay, they got the jump on me,’ and I was making my peace with the situation. But then the caller said something about Easter coming up. I was like, what are they talking about, it’s November, and then it sank in.”

Hobson sat for several minutes in the parking lot of an auto parts store staring off into traffic, contemplating the fact that he had been living the past half hour believing that he was listening to a live broadcast of the show.

“It kinda washed over me in layers,” said Hobson. “A little confusion, some embarrassment, a fair bit of righteous indignation. Quite a roller coaster ride, really. Then I resolved to pull myself together and move past it. From now on, though, I’m going to be a touch more skeptical dealing with the provenance of episodic media as it pertains to real time.”

At last report, Hobson is recovering well although he admits to frequently pressing the “Info” button whenever he’s watching television.

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