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"The transition was a little sudden," said the new No. 2, "but I'm looking forward to the challenges of an expanded leadership role however brief it may be."

Another Al Qaeda middle manager promoted suddenly

A U.S. airstrike has killed another top Al Qaeda leader, opening the way for advancement of lower-down leaders in the terrorist organization.

The new Number 2 at Al Qaeda will set forth his agenda at the next quarterly board meeting to be held in an undisclosed location. His top priorities will be dealing with competition from the so-called Islamic State, or IS, and the problem of turnover within the ranks.

“Opportunities keep popping up, and there’s great mobility in this organization,” said the senior Al Qaeda administrator who asked to remain anonymous. “The benefits are great, but of course job security is a big concern.”

Several upper management candidates have shared similar sentiments, along with the common complaint that Al Qaeda has a poor record for retirement benefits. No top leaders or former leaders were available for comment.

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