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Surveillance footage shows the border just prior to the split.

Antarctic province secedes

ANTARCTICA – North Wilkins has become the latest in a series of breakaway republics in the increasingly fragmented continent at the southern pole of our planet.

North Wilkins shows no signs of willingness to return to the Antarctic union.

The 160-square-mile province comprised almost entirely of ice undertook what is being described as a “runaway disintegration” of its solidarity with the mainland. At the end of February, a dropping iceberg triggered the dissolution of already tenuous ties between North Wilkins and the Antarctic Federation.

Negotiators tried in vain to hammer out an agreement to repair the fractious and increasingly heated relationships between regions.

“It was our Fort Sumter moment,” said spokesperson Riley Pikesworth. “The shot heard ’round the bottom of the world. North Wilkins will no longer be part of this union.”

Intelligence satellites confirm what we already know to be true; Wilkins has severed itself irrevocably from an alliance of several hundred years with the larger Wilkins province. Analysts warn of greater balkanization in the region.

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