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Blogger Supposed To Be Doing Something Else

LAKEWOOD, CO – A blogger with numerous responsibilities in other, unrelated areas is for the moment neglecting them in favor of completing a post observers say is of negligible value.

There was not quite enough time to research whether semicolons were used correctly.

“The story was too hot to ignore,” said the blogger, who prefers the terms ‘publisher’ or ‘writer’ and prefers to remain anonymous. “We had a finite window to follow up on it and compile everything in time to go to press before deadline.”

By ‘press’, the blogger meant putting the post online, and there was no discernible deadline except for soccer practice where the blogger was due to take his daughter.

“We’ve got readers across the continent depending on us,” by which the blogger meant approximately four readers (by current count) in Lawrenceville, GA; Baraboo, WI; Roanoke, VA; and New York, NY. “There’s just enough time to get an image and round out the last paragraph before go-time.”

The final paragraph of the post was short on details, but vaguely put forth the idea (without evidence) that the blog could eventually become a revenue-producing entity.

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