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Blogging at the Prague Blog Grog Lodge

Blogging is all new blogger blogs about

PRAGUE – Enthusiastic beginning blogger Lorne Billups blogs almost constantly, and covers a single subject: blogging.

Having quickly lost any sense of distinction between doing things and blogging about things, Billups fills his several blogs with posts, podcasts and video entries about blogging.

His first and most prolific effort is, a comprehensive listing of every blog-related activity and other blogger site that Billups has discovered.

Several related sites and feeds complement Billups’ output, and on each of them he touts the others. To keep them all straight, he has named each with a distinct variant of “blog”. Some Billups coined himself, and others may be already in use, but the casual reader may never know the difference.

Billups is in the process of creating a glossary to explain all the terms, which presently only exist as titles, the meaning of which must be inferred from context: phlog, clog, mlog, plog, quaalog, rolog, slog, hilog/lolog and lanlog are but a few of the many forms taken by Billups’ blog activities.

Billups declined to comment for this story, but promised to liveblog about it by end of second blogcycle today.

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