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“Bug Zapper” spider attracts prey with bio-luminescence

OCEAN GATE, NJ – A newly discovered species of spider emulates electric bug zappers to attract flies, moths and mosquitoes. The bright, bluish light emanates from the spider’s abdomen and appears to other bugs like the ultraviolet light in commercial zappers.

“They find it irresistible,” said arachnid enthusiast Colin Mermec of the Bugseum, an “Amateur study center of creepy crawly critters” according to a sales brochure. “The spider’s belly looks like whatever insects think bug zappers look like, and that attracts them to the web where they get caught.”

Previous sightings of the Bug Zapper Spider, which has yet to be officially recognized or named by actual arachnologists, were shown to be regular garden spiders with glow stick fluid painted on them. The Bugseum confirms, however, that this one is completely legitimate.

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