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Business again wins award they created

MARKETVILLE – A local company has once again been awarded the Tubodieci Award for Business Excellence™, an award that was also created by the same company.

Marketville Products Amalgamated (MPA) founded the award program in 1975 to recognized businesses that meet the standards set forth in the “10 Tubes of Quality™” outlined by the selection committee.

“It’s been tough finding candidates who meet the stringent criteria,” said MPA representative Rob Emblin. “And it so happens that Marketville has done so for the past 40 years, consistently and consecutively.”

The “10 Tubes™” as defined by the Award™ are:

  1. Excellence in customer service
  2. Excellence in product design
  3. Excellence in delivery of product or service
  4. Excellence in employee satisfaction (as defined in guidelines)
  5. Excellence in ability to name and emulate the 10 Tubes™
  6. Excellence in employee access to authorized 10 Tubes™ training center
  7. Excellence in application process to Tubodieci Award™
  8. Excellence in repeat winning of Award™
  9. Excellence in new product development and innovation
  10. Excellence in timely payment of application fee

Early in MPA’s history, the company strived to encourage excellence among businesses. After winning the first few awards, however, MPA noticed that few companies could clear the threshold, so it shifted its model to become the premier provider of 10Tube™Training Program. The program helps aspiring businesses to prepare for application to the Tubodieci Award™.

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