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Car Just Going To Smell Like That Now

FT LAUDERDALE, FL – Matt O’Brien’s 2016 Toyota Camry is apparently going to retain indefinitely whatever smell it picked up a few weeks back.

“It’s a relatively new car, and that’s what irks me most,” said O’Brien. He purchased the car eighteen months ago and has been quite satisfied with it. “Good mileage, I like the radio, the handling, the upholstery, everything. But now it has this mild, persistent stench.”

The trouble began when O’Brien took several friends out for the evening, but he has not been able to pinpoint the source of the smell.

“I noticed it on that Monday, and I hadn’t driven the car Sunday after we all went out Saturday night,” said O’Brien of the excursion last month. “There’s this kind of funky smell, a little musty. Not like puke or anything,” he said, noting that none of his friends had been ill in the car.

O’Brien and one of his friends tried to retrace their steps that evening, in an effort to identify what might have occurred to introduce the smell. His friend pointed out that the smell could merely be coincident with their night out.

“That’s true,” said O’Brien. “I’ve read about snakes or mice getting caught up in air conditioning ducts and dying there. That might have happened before we went out.”

The cabin air filter, although needing replacement, was not the source of the odor.

O’Brien took the car to an oil change service center to have them inspect the cabin air filter, which had been in good working order. He notes that they said they looked into the ducts as well to see if there was anything causing the problem, but doubts that much effort was spent chasing down the issue.

“I think it’s one of those things where you take a car in with a problem, and if they don’t see or hear what you’re talking about they don’t take it seriously,” said O’Brien. “The smell seems to pop up mostly when you’re out on the road.”

O’Brien will continue maintenance and cleaning regimens in the hope that the smell will either be removed or wear off on its own.

“For now, though, it’s something I have to explain real quick whenever somebody rides with me.”

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