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Chemtrails found to cause belief in chemtrails

RUSSELTON, AL – The long-debated and long-dismissed conspiracy theory about “chemtrails,” the belief that governmental agencies are using high-flying aircraft to disperse chemical or biological agents into the atmosphere, finally has an answer rooted in science.

What they’e spraying is a substance that makes people believe in chemtrails.

Believers in the theory speculate that the government might be up to numerous nefarious acts, including population control, weather modification or reversing global warming. In fact, the chemical released by the planes has a single purpose: to make subjects believe that chemtrails are a real thing.

The droplets of the as-yet undisclosed substance are sprayed out of dispensers affixed to jet airliners at 30,000 feet or more, where they hang in the atmosphere for hours and eventually drift out over other states and countries hundreds of miles away. When they do finally reach the ground, humans inhale it and find the whole idea plausible.

Paradoxically, the same substance makes others susceptible to rejection of the chemtrail theory and become demanding of evidence.

The long-term purpose for the chemtrails has yet to be revealed, but numerous web sites and broadcasters have built careers speculating on a possible motive.

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