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Ables says she's relieved not to have the DVD plan, or she might be in real trouble

Chinese Hackers Steal Netflix Password, 1 Billion People Now Watching On One Account

SHANGHAI – Computer hackers apparently in China have broken into one U.S. citizen’s Netflix account and have shared the password, allowing almost a billion people to stream programs from that account.

“It might be nice if they got into Monty Python, I wouldn’t mind that so much.”

“It’s really messing with my recommendations,” said Sherry Ables, a substitute teacher from Spokane, Washington. “It was fine when they went through all the seasons of Black Mirror, because I liked that too. But then a couple hundred million people got going on Riverdale and that’s just not my thing.”

Ables said she is now seeing wildly erratic results under “Top Picks for Sherry” whenever she logs in to watch something. She is also having it difficult finding times to watch when there aren’t multiple people already logged in, as her account is restricted to six devices and two streams at once.

Netflix spokesperson Bailey Waters said that the company is looking into the breach, in the meantime suggesting that Ables change her password.

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