Great business opportunity! Totally not a pyramid scheme

You can make up to $2,000, $3,000, or more every month out of your living room without lifting a finger! You would have to buy some inventory up front of products I’ll be selling you as an affiliate, so there’s that. But you then sell it to other people and on it goes until you’re a millionaire.

You’ll also need to attend a number of training seminars, and I can get you special insider rates.

Hurry, supplies limited to one garage full of this stuff.

Don’t Google the company, you’ll just read lots of people claiming it’s a multilevel marketing scam that took them for their entire net worth. They just didn’t believe!



Come and get it! 1972 Ford Galaxie. You’ll probably need to tow it because it’s wedged in between two houses. Runs great, low mileage, a

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