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The 820 pound Balthazar the Capybara is mislabeled, and should therefore be even more collectible.

Collectors thrilled about new Beanie Behemoths

CHICAGO – Long after the original Beanie Babies boom of the 1990s, the plush stuffed animals are poised to make a comeback as gargantuan models: Beanie Behmoths.

Get used to seeing these in the rear window again.

Few details are available yet, but it is already known that quantities will be limited. Collectors will have a newfound challenge investing in them, as they are much harder to store and carry around.

“Certainly they will be harder to divvy up in a divorce,” said Joseph McPherson, a former Beanie Baby collector who had to do just that when he and his former wife split in 1998. “At this size, you’re getting into real estate concerns too.”

In 1996, McDonald’s sold a miniature version called Teenie Babies alongside Happy Meals, but there never have been any this large.

Bettors believe they better beat the beginners at the burgeoning Beanie Behemoth business before the bubble bursts.

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