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Commuters Stunned By Real Life Game Of Frogger

ROXBURY, MA – Motorists on their way to work this morning were caught by surprise when a life-size game of Frogger broke out on the Northern Expressway.

Mystic River and Northern Expressway in Roxbury

Game developer Nonami pulled off the massive feat by bringing in a 10-meter long, 5,400 kilogram mechanical frog that players on the roadside could control remotely. The goal is to guide the frog across the road without it getting hit by cars or trucks.

Next to the expressway in the Mystic River, giant logs floated by that the frog also had to navigate in order to get to the other side, winning the level. The gigantic game was inspired by the original game Frogger by Konami, which had no involvement in today’s events.

“We are not amused,” said Massachusetts State Police office Dean Chacko, who took steps to locate the operators of the huge frog.

Normal traffic resumed when the frog missed a log and plunged into the river.

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