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Company mistakenly believes brand is popular enough for text-free logo

SANTA CLARA – A rising company took a bold step towards obscurity today by removing their name from their logo and all their online and printed material.

A marketing manager from the company was present at the unveiling, but the cards he handed out had only the logo and a picture of his face. He spoke briefly about the radical new strategy of leveraging the company’s widespread recognition. Recording devices were forbidden at the event, but several in attendance recall that he said something about the world having embraced their brand and moving beyond the need for labels.

According to a press release identified only by the logo, the company has reached a level of brand awareness that allows it to go forward using the stylized symbol by itself. Attempts to contact the company were futile, as the name was left off the release, and no one at the event could remember the company name.

“Wish I could, because I’d like to see what their web address is now,” said a tech reporter, leading several to believe that it might have been some kind of tech company.

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