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Conference attendee lays down all the cards

LACROSSE, WI – Reginald Davidson is completely over networking. He has abandoned all convention as it pertains to work events, starting with this one for advertising professionals.

“Everybody looks at your name tag first,” said Davidson. “Not to learn your name, but to see what agency you’re with. If it’s big enough for them to bother talking to you.”

“So what you’re saying is, you’re not hiring?”

Davidson’s marked his departure from the norm with a name tag that doesn’t even have his name on it, just to hear what people ask first. “A lot of folks say their name and they’re with so-and-so, and they expect the same.”

Davidson is not currently with an agency, and is networking to find a job. He knows that many of the other attendees are looking to move up at other agencies, so they quickly filter him out of their mingling.

This discovery led him to inscribe his name tag “Hello I’m… not someone who can advance your career.” Conference organizers were not amused, and while he was not asked to leave, he did not feel welcome the rest of the weekend.

“It’s been liberating in a way. I left it on by accident, and the people at the airline counter thought it was a real hoot,” said Davidson, who ended up asking one of the agents out on a date.

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