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Couple recognizes selves in news footage on obesity

WALVILLE, AR – Ted and Becky Hogaard were watching a local news report on obesity when they realized that their own backsides were visible in file footage used for the story.

“I said to Becky ‘That looks like my shirt,’ and by golly it was,” said Ted Hogaard, who had called her into the room. “She said ‘Yep, sure is, and I know because that’s my skirt too!'”

The couple had been visiting Walville Town Center, a mixed use commercial and residential shopping area.

“We saw the camera there that day, must have been Saturday,” said Becky Hogaard, who had just picked up several prescriptions. “Didn’t think much of it, but they must have filmed us because everybody else was moving too quick.”

The couple of 31 years captured the news segment on DVR and shared it with several friends and relatives who came by for a cookout. Due to the excitement, the story on the looming threat of obesity was not audible.

“Not every day you get on TV,” said Becky.

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