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Crappy lo-fi album released in HD audio for some reason

SAN DIEGO, CA – An album universally considered to be one of the worst of the last 10 years is being released in high definition (HD) audio this week.

Solo artist Joey Vreeslike’s debut effort, “Sad Man and Rain” is, according to critics and listeners, badly written, badly performed and badly recorded. Only 5 listeners have gotten past the first few seconds of each track on Vreeslike’s Spotify stream.

Now the album is being distributed in 24-bit, 96kHz format – several times more resolution than CD quality (16-bit, 44.1kHz), to the puzzlement of nearly everyone concerned.

“This pile of mush sounds like it was recorded with a can opener,” said record store owner Morton Weber. “Even if someone likes it, I really don’t see what benefit they’re going to get listening to it in higher quality. They probably spent more time on the cover art than the whole album.”

The artwork featured on the album is not even the artist. Apparently the cover picture was snagged from a photo site.

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