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Crocs Suit debuts this September

BOULDER, CO – The comfy fashion statement known as Crocs will soon extend to formalwear this fall when the footwear company launches the Crocs Suit.

“This will be the first suit you can wear with white socks,” said designer Tanisha Moeber. “And you can wash it with a garden hose.”

Pricing information is not yet available.


  1. Kath Kath July 24, 2008

    And in a related story, the Four Horsemen were seen crossing over the Continental Divide.

  2. Deborah Gaslin Deborah Gaslin January 28, 2009

    my mother would pickett my trial and ask for instant hanging so i dont worry about those sort of things. i will say i have to stop the croc fashion at the shoes altho a nice rainslicker would be cool.

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