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Cujito: Now there’s a little name for terror.

HOLLYWOOD – Impostura Films is releasing Cujito, a companion to the 1983 horror movie Cujo, based on Steven King’s novel of the same name.

Billing it not as a prequel or a sequel, but a “wee-quel”, the fledgling production company touts the story of a rabid chihuahua that traps a family in their car at a junkyard.

“Yeah, it’s kind of the same story, but this is a little dog and they get really feisty,” said director Marcus Barnette. He got the idea for the dog’s name while walking through his neighborhood past a yard where a tiny dog went berserk every time someone went by.

Impostura Films is achieving significant budget savings by hiring unknown actors, and by using a small dog in the lead role.

“Small dogs don’t eat much, and they take a lot less time getting into makeup.”

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