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Customer manages to irritate automated self-checkout register

MARIETTA, GA – A customer at BigBox Foods has succeeded in frustrating the self-checkout machine to the point of outburst.

The customer, known only by the name Henry, sparred verbally with the Semi Attended Customer Activated Terminal (SACAT) over every aspect of the checkout process. Henry had brought his own bags and insisted on keeping them in the bagging area while retrieving individual items to scan them. Repeated reminders from the SACAT that items must remain in a cart or basket before scanning drew only argument from Henry.

The pair squabbled over coupons, payment methods, card swipe location and intensity, scanning aptitude, economic policy and portion sizes for about eight minutes.

The SACAT eventually issued a string of profanities at Henry before powering down. A cashier attendant assigned to the self-checkout lane was unavailable for comment, and was presumed to have gone on extended break.

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