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Customer perfectly happy with cable company service

SIMPSONVILLE, OH – A cable subscriber has been found who is completely content with his or her provider’s service, offerings, and billing practices.

The customer, who has not been named for privacy reasons, has service through Cantagi Cable, which has a practical monopoly in that market.

Transcripts from the customer’s feedback revealed profound satisfaction with every aspect of Cantagi’s enterprise.

“I’m very pleased with the number and variety of channels. Everything listed seems interesting to me in some way, so I’m not overwhelmed at all by content irrelevant to me. It therefore makes complete sense to be paying the amount I am,” said the customer in a survey that he or she apparently filled out voluntarily.

The customer has Cantagi’s Quadruple Whammy Xtra Bazinga service, which for $129 a month provides 947 channels in 3 languages, On Demand viewing of downmarket movies, and free previews for content available on additional premium channels.

“The process of installation was pleasant. All the additional charges and delays were entirely appropriate. Every interaction with a Cantagi Cable representative has been enjoyable and productive.”

The customer pays an extra $10 a month for an HD cable box, and $11 a month for a cable router that enables the Cantagi Super Whizbang Internet Kablam Megabit internet service, which provides 1 Mbps service for an additional $45 a month.

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