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Some people like Brussels sprouts. Some people like spikes in their skin.

Decades Later, No Progress On Brussels Sprouts Preference

PLYMOUTH, IA – A man in his fifties continues to refuse to eat Brussels sprouts, despite continued efforts by family members to persuade him otherwise for more than forty years.

“It’s not a matter of preparation,” said Gavin Allmore, who most recently sampled a dish with Brussels sprouts in November of 2015. “You can roast them, cover them in dressing, add them to an appetizer. Not going to change the fact that they’re Brussels sprouts.”

Still Brussels sprouts.

Allmore maintains that there is some compound intrinsic to the plant that some people, including himself, find disagreeable.  “Just like there are some who cannot stand cilantro,” he said at a family gathering, in a subtle reference to his sister Lisa, who likes Brussels sprouts but will not eat salsa.

Every few years, Allmore will try foods he doesn’t like, to see if anything has changed. The dish in question this time around is a casserole with Brussels sprouts.

“Nope,” said Allmore.

His mother had hoped he would come around like he did with broccoli, root vegetables, and greens, but she left disappointed.

In the coming weeks, Allmore plans to try brie cheese and jalapeño jelly again for the first time in about six years.

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