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Deborah has given up her initiative to standardize the agency's naming convention.

Design team at a complete loss as to which version is final

BAYONNE, NJ – The entire creative department at Rhona DeMille Designs is unable to figure out which file or set of files is the completed, final version of the new brochure for one of their clients, Astryngent.

There is growing consensus that “Brochure Final Version NOCHANGES 2.pdf” in beige was definitely not the final approved version.

“Between [agency principal] Rhona and [her designers] James, Deborah, me, and a few other graphic artists who had a hand in completing the work, the agency has 37 files of varying pedigrees from which to choose,” said associate designer Dan Serpa, who helped to produce at least six of those.

“Every time somebody had a revision, they tacked on their own naming or numbering convention,” said Serpa. “So today we go back in there to get the approved final for press, and we’ve got Branding Brochure Final number three as a PDF, Final Final Astryingent Brochure Powerpoint, there are Word files, all have different dates, and no one can come to an agreement on which one is the last say in the matter.”

Several employees are presently going through emails to try and discover what was the most recent version sent to the client, but they have not made a determination as yet.

DeMille has called a meeting of the designers to discuss who last spoke with the client, and if necessary, who will contact them to ask which version they most recently approved.

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