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Dinner guests really do like casserole; just had a big lunch, is all

BRUSSEL PLAINS – A couple over for dinner did in fact enjoy the casserole, but were so stuffed from a late lunch that they could not possibly get in another bite.

What they meant to say was a big lunch. Well, it was a late lunch too, wouldn’t the visiting woman’s husband say? About two or two thirty.

Yes, the couple had missed breakfast and got caught in traffic coming back from the airport. Then they didn’t have time to eat until much later. Hence the skimpy appetites come dinner time. Is that the loveliest flower arrangement or what.

That’s funny, the hosts had thought the couple was going to the mall earlier today. Yes, yes, that’s right, gosh, the husband of the couple gets days confused sometimes. The airport was yesterday.

Anyway the point is, the casserole was simply delicious. Does the host have the recipe? Was that eggplant and parmesan? Perhaps the couple could take a to-go plate so they can enjoy it tomorrow as well.

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