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“Do Puzzles Not Drugs” pen looks fun to try while high

ANCHORAGE, AK – Wesley Dublichuk found a 3D maze pen in his car that urged him to do puzzles and not drugs, and now he can only wonder what it would be like to solve the puzzle high.

Dublichuk describes himself as “not a stoner, but a guy who partakes in the bud now and then.” The 26-year-old pizza delivery driver probably picked up the pen on one of his many stops during a shift.

“Come to think of it, probably the doctor’s office,” said Dublichuk. “You know they’ve always got colorful knick-knacks by the reception desk. Yeah, I’m thinking it was there.”

Dublichuk has no immediate plans to procure marijuana in order to indulge his hypothesis, but he says he will hang on to it just in case.

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