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Domestic iguanas evolving plaid camouflage

DEWLAP, WA – Otherwise ordinary iguanas have developed traits that help them blend in to human surroundings, according to iguanologist Gail Apagos.

“We’ve noticed a distinct pattern arising on their scales,” said Apagos. “It’s hard to deny that it looks like plaid.”

Further study is required to determine whether the change is in response to their environment, or perhaps an expression of preference in selecting mates.

“Perhaps it’s a little bit of both,” said Apagos. “Since they have virtually no predators in a domestic setting, it’s hard to argue for the selective pressure of camouflaging. Maybe they just prefer that look and have selected for it. We don’t know. We just don’t know.”

Apagos plans to research iguanas’ response to varied environments, including tie-dye, paisley, and Ed Hardy shirts.

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