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A printer ink bust earlier today revealed for the first time the scale of the problem.

Drug cartels moving over to printer ink

CUIDAD SIEMJUAQUE – Faced with falling demand, several drug cartels are transitioning their operations over to more expensive printer ink.

“It’s the most expensive consumer substance on the planet,” said Christy Sales, a field officer of the Office Supply Enforcement Agency (OSEA). “Some of these kingpins saw the decline in drug sales and decided to get into the printer ink market.”

Even with counterfeit ink cartridges on sale at a steep discount compared to legal product, the cartels stand to make a fortune. The printer industry giants are now faced with the specter of competition, where there had been practically none.

“The manufacturers enjoyed a closed market, and could gouge customers as they saw fit,” said Sales. “Now you’ve got illegal competitors offering affordable ink that could extend the life and usefulness of innumerable printer models by months or even years. That’s a nightmare scenario nobody could have imagined.”

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