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Something Must Be Done.

The world is in uproar, and everyone can feel it. Someone needs to act in order to address all the wack things that are going on.

The economy is always roiling. Will there be another pandemic? Ships are blocking canals. What if aliens or a gigantic asteroid threaten our planet? I just read that a gamma ray burst could knock out all our infrastructure or end life as we know it. Who’s gonna explain the ending of WandaVision to me?

Get one of these world consortium things going. Those always work out great.

All these things, and more, are pervasive problems that require immediate and decisive action. Somebody out there should get on it and come up with options and get it done.

Not me, I’ve got a lot on my plate. I’m working on a rewrite of my novel, the first in a trilogy for motion picture about forest elves who are actually cyborg cops with a troubled past who get into a love triangle with vampires who have formed a union to take on the corrupt mayor. Maybe Peter Jackson to direct. I’m also busy sorting through rejection letters from publishers while I look for an apartment that will allow pets and people who just need a couch to sleep on.

I digress. There are tons of serious issues facing us, and we need to gather up rooms full of serious people like they do in stock photos where everyone is so focused, productive, and successful. Go find those people! I’m sure someone wrote down their names when they took the photo.

Anyway, my point is that this is super important and we can’t just let it slide. We’ve got big problems and we need big solutions. It’s a shame it has gotten so bad that I needed to jump in and get the ball rolling, but you’re welcome. Just trying to do my part.