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Mexican wrestler El Tryptophan defeats opponents by making them drowsy

CIUDAD GUAJOLOTE – A Mexican wrestler (or luchador) who happens to be a turkey has been winning matches by rendering challengers lethargic.

El Tryptophan (a stage name) engages in all the regular theatrics of lucha libre, or Mexican wrestling, including high flying moves and occasional pecking. But it is his namesake tryptophan, a precursor to the hormone melatonin, that delivers the victories.

Rivals get in the ring, and before long they’re yawning, lurching around the mat. Usually within a few minutes they settle into a cozy spot and doze off. However, what the winged combatant won’t tell you is that the secret ingredient isn’t really tryptophan.

While it is commonly believed that turkey causes drowsiness, El Tryptophan relies on the more mundane explanation that high carb foods might contribute to a more complex interaction with insulin that results in fatigue.

“We put lots of starchy foods in the locker room of contenders,” said manager Mickey Goldmill. “By the time they head down the aisle, they’re blinking heavy.”


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