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Don't get your hopes up


Frequently Asked Questions at The Post News Times


That was not a question, although it may be frequently “asked”.

We are trained international satire solution providers. Between us, we have over 45 weeks of experience in the field.

We provide satire solutions. Internationally. Trained. Experience. Trust. Decide.

See previous answer.

The Post News Times acquired JankyVision in a fun, happy, totally amicable takeover that left all the parties involved satisfied with the outcome and not at all bitter or vindictive. The people at JankyVision were escorted gently and humanely from their desks before we commenced any sort of bulldozing. We vigorously dispute any claims to the contrary.

We feel your pain, and seek to establish corporal punishment for violators of this law.

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You probably don’t, is the best answer. No telling what we might say. 

We’re also working on the death penalty for spammers. Until such time, we wish to make spamming us as difficult as possible for morons. Not you, you’re smart and you wouldn’t spam us.

Again, that wasn’t a question. You should see some of the infrequent questions we get.

Now you’re catching on.

Right now certain environmental, legal, ethical, and national security issues prevent us from selling or shipping anything outside of specific regions in Antarctica. If you reside there, please let us know what form of currency you prefer.