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Father prepared for paisley to come back in style

HOUSTON – 57-year old engineer Mitch Glonby will be ready when paisley returns to vogue.

“I was there for the original heyday back in the sixties,” said Glonby, “and I still had most of the shirts and ties when it came around again in the mid-eighties. I also caught two more go-rounds of bell bottoms in the early nineties and just recently.”

Glonby’s wife and two children, both grown, refused comment for this story. He has stockpiles of outmoded clothes from various decades, including parachute pants, penny loafers, pleats, neon t-shirts, acid wash jeans, Mork suspenders and a Nehru jacket.

“I thought for sure Austin Powers would bring that back,” said Glonby. “I have the frilly shirts to go with it.”

Glonby bides his time between trends wearing his “fallback” outfit, oxford shirt, cargo pants, white socks and foam sandals.

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