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Food safety experts issue warning on Kombucha cupcakes

SAVANNAH, GA – The popularity of the fermented drink Kombucha has extended to cupcakes, and while they are just as delicious and easy to make as Kombucha tea, you must store them below 38º Fahrenheit to prevent opportunistic microbes from growing on them.

Several readers have reported making batches of Kombucha cupcakes from a scoby (an acronym for “symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast”) that they were also using to make tea. This is reputedly fine, but once you’ve made the cupcakes, keep them cold or else mold from the air will take up residence. Definitely do not store them in a dark pantry uncovered.

Even with this precaution, Kombucha experts warn that if you suspect something has gone terribly wrong with your cupcakes, check again to make sure that you’re actually using a real Kombucha scoby and not a stagnant lump of dough with random growth at the top.

Emergency medical professionals add that if you really don’t know what you’re doing with microbes, it’s best to stick with store bought cupcakes. At present, there are no commercially available microbial cupcake brands.

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