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Grave of archaeologist robbed

ETOWAH, GA – Grave robbers have dug up the remains of a scientist who used to dig up the remains of people from ancient civilizations.

Carl and Doug Kennewick were charged with one count each of desecration and theft. Through an attorney, they said they plan to argue that they were going to donate their findings to a museum.

“Whose call is it how long someone stays in the ground before it’s okay to exhume them?” said attorney Gabriel Therm, who signals that he’s going to mount the so-called Indiana Jones defense strategy. “It is our contention that to the decedent, there is no difference between ten years and ten thousand years.”

Etowah authorities respond that the Kennewick brothers were apprehended because they waited about 48 hours before commencing their dig. A family member of the archaeologist spotted them while bringing flowers to the grave site.

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