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Groomba robot shaves while you sleep

JACKSONVILLE, FL – Busy professionals can now automate time-consuming tasks like shaving, thanks to the Groomba shaving robot.

“You just place it by the bed, and at some point in the middle of the night it will crawl up on your face and shave you,” said Groomba developer Daniel Westlake. The robot then returns to its charging station.

Users can specify whether they want to shave their face, legs, armpits, or other areas. “We haven’t tested it for all possible applications,” said Westlake, “but whatever floats your boat.”

Some customers have complained that the Groomba doesn’t account for subtle differences like sleeping in different positions. One man slept where his wife usually does, and woke up with his legs shaved.

“You just have to be sure to use the little beacons that specify where to stop, and that includes which side of the bed,” said Westlake.

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