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Guy brings store brand ketchup to cookout

PLEASANT HEIGHTS – A company cookout took an awkward turn earlier today when a coworker brought a store brand ketchup as part of his contribution to the potluck-style gathering.

“Vic from outside sales, man,” said project manager Pete Wordley of Gunther Implements, a tool manufacturer. “He just doesn’t get it. You can skimp on the paper plates, the potato chips, the table cloth if you have to, but ketchup? What was it, like another dollar to get name brand?”

Victor Grayson, outside sales manager of Gunther Implements, was responsible for bringing enough ketchup for burgers and dogs for the company’s twenty employees and their families, as well as napkins. He successfully calculated the sufficient quantity of ketchup, but fellow employees took issue with his choice.

“I’m not really a brand loyalist kind of person, but come on,” said Rhonda Miles, senior office manager for Gunther. “I guess we’ll make do. I haven’t tried this brand, so we’ll see.”

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