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H.R. the Musical breaks attendance records

CANTON, OH – Little-known outside corporate circles, the touring production of H.R. The Musical is breaking attendance records in event centers across the country. Ticket sales are up partly because large corporations have made the show mandatory viewing.

Writer, producer, director and star of the show is Rebecca Bailey, herself a human resources director for 22 years at a medium size company.

“Every day, something would happen at work and I would say to myself, ‘This should be in a musical,'” said Bailey. Songs like the breakout hit, “Inappropriate Touching” derive their inspiration from actual events during her tenure at H.R.

Since its inception, the production has had its share of personnel issues. Infighting, power struggles, verbal threats, layoffs and salary disputes provided the backdrop for the cast even while performing numbers such as “Hostile Workplace”, “Downsize with Me”, “Na-Na-Nepotism” and “Team Building is for A-holes.”

Cast members are forbidden to talk to press without prior written approval from show producers, but watercooler talk has it that some cast members have been retaliating against writers of negative reviews.

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