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Hardened cynics having trouble keeping up

“I’ve been angry, jaded, cynical, paranoid and just generally over it for decades now, but it feels like these days I simply cannot stay on pace with it all.”

MUSCATAINE, IA – Joe Comstead has had it, and he’s got a long history of having had it.

“I was fed up with politics in the 70’s,” said Comstead. “Sick and tired of practically everything by the 90’s. Presently I consider myself a broad spectrum curmudgeon.”

The big difference between then and now, however, was that he had a handle on it. Comstead is part of a growing segment of the population whose crabby outlook is outrun by the sheer amount of new and increased real life irritants coming at them.

“It was easier then to keep tabs on what I was irked about. I’d spend a day in a snit about this or that, a week or two on something else, but I always knew what was up.”

Lately Comstead has felt at a loss attempting to be indignant or disillusioned about current events, because the pace and volume has accelerated beyond his ability to track everything.

“I’ll be all pissed off about something, then turn on the TV or the radio and there’s a half dozen new things much worse.”

Known as the “crankiest bastard in the county”, Comstead prided himself on being pessimistic, scornful and contemptuous in almost any situation. Feeling outmatched in the face of the state of things, he has resorted to finishing up some projects around the house, doing some research about things in the news, and speaking to his family.

“I’ve been doing some meditation to see if I can get back to focusing on one aggravation at a time.”

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