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"The prices weren't inflated, and my actions were noble," said Rayet.

Helium mistakenly sold by weight

NORRISTOWN, NH – Monatomic Sales & Supply is facing a tough new fiscal year following a blunder by former sales associate Hank Rayet, who sold large quantities of helium by weight instead of by volume, the customary method.

“The previous quarters, he stuck with the program and completed purchase orders in the usual unit, canisters of gas,” said sales manager Lacey Bradley. “He brought in some new customers and worked out this deal where they’d buy in bulk, and things went sideways from there.”

Rayet calculated the purchase using pounds, which created a situation whereby the transaction resulted in reversal of income.

“We ended up paying the customer,” said Bradley. “Or, more accurately, they paid us a negative balance.”

Rayet was dismissed after the blunder came to light in a quarterly budget meeting. He is suing for wrongful termination, claiming that everything about the purchases was legitimate and above board.

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