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Heroic driver enforces speed limit for everyone

ROCHESTER, NY – A self-appointed guardian of local traffic laws has upheld the compulsory speed limit for all motorists, at least the ones behind him.

Arthur Gregory of Cloussant Lane drives a 2006 Buick around town, always at or below the posted limit.

“It’s not a suggestion, it’s the law,” said the retired electromechanical engineer.

If Gregory feels that a driver is going to get a little punchy with the accelerator, he will hold things up at traffic signals or stop signs. He frequently coasts in the passing lane to regulate flow on main thoroughfares.

“I’m in no hurry, and neither are you now,” said Gregory. “Cool your heels back there, son, or we’ll be here a lot longer.”

Locals call out to him wherever he goes, honking furiously and sometimes employing impassioned gestures, in what Gregory describes as adulation.

“It’s nice to be acknowledged.”

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous June 10, 2008

    home run.-Chuck

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