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High speed chase ends well

LOS ANGELES – The high-speed pursuit of an alleged armed robber ended without incident today when the suspect pulled over.

“He finally realized that he was pretty well finished, as far as escape was concerned,” said arresting officer J.T. Nunshak. “He signaled that he was prepared to surrender and we assented to that request.”

“The driver of the vehicle ended what could have easily been a calamitous media spectacle by slowing down and stopping on an uncrowded side street. He climbed from the vehicle calmly and proceeded slowly to the nearest squad car with his hands clasped behind his head. We didn’t even have to ask.”

Back at the precinct house, officers investigating the robbery discussed the day’s events with the suspect over coffee. “Decaf, naturally,” said Nunshak. “We don’t want to aggravate what is already a stressful situation. Imagine what this guy must be going through, what with the chase and all.”

The suspect, who was not named and is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, was later escorted to a county facility away from the glare of news cameras.

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  1. Kurt Kurt June 30, 2008

    Good thing he had the forethought to go shopping for his proper mugshot attire.

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