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Homeschooled teenage boy caught with stack of evolution magazines

HOVINDA – A mother caught her 15-year-old boy Tuesday with dozens of publications that describe in explicit detail the theoretical framework of evolution.

The unnamed boy had been hiding the books and magazines under his bed, intermingling them with sports magazines.

The mother, who asked not to be identified, expressed shock and disappointment at her discovery. “I’m his teacher. I should have seen this coming,” she said. “At the dinner table, he started using roundabout terms that caught my attention. How could I let this happen?”

“He asked me one night if traits inherited by successive generations could make offspring better suited to their environment, and therefore more likely to survive and reproduce. I’m ashamed and disgusted.”

The boy is grounded for a month, but in the context of his home schooling the specifics are not yet clear. The family is planning a trip this summer to the Grand Canyon to brush up on the antediluvian period.

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