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"This is awesome," said truck driver Russ Bilstrow. "I can fill up my rig, get chili cheese fries and a high colonic all in one place."

Hospitala launches convenience store outpatient centers

In a partnership with Circle K, Jug & Loaf, Exxon, Love’s, Burger King, Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr., Hospitala is opening treatment centers inside combination gas station/convenience stores around the nation.

“If you can get cheeseburgers and Corn Nuts where you get gas, why not health care?” said Hospitala marketing director Jessica Wallis. “The facilities will be limited to pretty much anything you can do without getting cut open. The drive through will be utilized during non-lunch or dinner hours for quick services like eye exams or throat swabs.”

Circle K cards are valid at Hospitala locations, and reduced price car washes will be included with services over $30.

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