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Howurlitzer resolves bar conflicts

LEETSDALE, WY – A hybrid music player / artillery device has found a home at Brice’s Saloon, where patrons can choose from a huge library of hit songs and if necessary launch ordnance in response to hostile attacks.

The Howurlitzer combines the short barrelled artillery of the Howitzer with the automated music player Wurlitzer into a single bar appliance that can play favorite tunes from any decade and launch projectiles over relatively high trajectories.

Philo Medlin, a bouncer at Brice’s, says that the Howurlitzer has not yet come to full use. “Most fights here get settled with a few punches, maybe a little stabbing or light arms fire. Plus, it’s mostly top 40 music on there, and nobody at this place is gonna pay a $5 minimum to hear Coldplay or launch a low-velocity shell.”

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