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Concurrent hurricanes (L to R): Agnew, Björk, Curly, Fozzie, and Jayden

Hurricane season shortened to one week

WASHINGTON DC – The 2009 Atlantic hurricane season has been shortened from six months to one week, starting today.

“It’s going to be one hell of a week, but we want to get it all over with in one swoop,” said oceanographer Claude Degausse. “This gives us more control over response efforts and scheduling.”

In a normal hurricane season, an average of 10.1 named tropical storms form in the Atlantic and cut a swath through the eastern seaboard of North America. Climatologists from numerous countries forged a joint resolution to lump all the tropical depressions and cyclones together for one hectic week.

“It may very well save lives, especially if we evacuate the whole region several days in advance,” said Degausse. “I don’t think that’s happened yet, though, another agency is supposed to be doing that.”

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