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International Space Station of Pancakes to open soon

THERMOSPHERE – Breakfast enthusiasts will soon have an out-of-this world choice: The International Space Station of Pancakes, or ISSOP.

Renovation in an existing wing of the International Space Station is expected to be complete for the grand opening first quarter.

Store manager Mitch Gamdell was a line cook on numerous Space Shuttle missions, and has the unique qualifications to fit this position.

“It’s a big enough challenge opening a new location, but this one is the most ambitious we’ve done,” says Gamdell. “Parking, or even reaching the station, is going to be a challenge, especially on weekends. We need a few months of full houses to meet the considerable overhead.”

Gamdell has not yet fully staffed the restaurant, but he plans to recruit among the crew presently living in the station. “That’s about the only way we can find employees who can afford to commute for what we pay.”

Overhead will be an issue for patrons as well, as a meal like the Rooty Tooty Fresh & Floaty runs an average $320,000.

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