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“Jankyplex” new largest number

EUCLID, ME – Mathematicians welcomed the world’s new largest number today with the introduction of the Jankyplex, a quantity of unprecedented and unimaginable size.

“It’s bigger than a Googolplex, Skewes’ Number, Graham’s Number, Avogadro’s Number and a whole mess of Steinhaus-Moser equations put together,” said lead mathematician Gus Blankenship of the Large Numbers Institute.

“Here’s an example. Take Graham’s number. Multiply it by a Googolplex. Square that. You’ve got yourself a Jankyplex.”

Blankenship has applied for official recognition of the Jankyplex pending the proof of his work. Currently, there hasn’t been enough time in the history of the universe to compute or even write out a Jankyplex, much less some of the other large numbers like it.

“That may take some time, but trust me, this is the largest number out there.”

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